Dynamic creative, what is it how does it work and what benefits can it bring

Spencer Cauchois
August 3, 2023

A new evolution of digital advertising that is creating huge changes in the marketing space is dynamic creative. Dynamic creative is a technology that dynamically creates personalized advertising units  to suit the individual users and this is all done on the fly. It involves creating and delivering highly targeted & engaging advertising tailored to specific users based on their behavior, preferences, and specific characteristics. Think of it this way, you are looking to buy a motorcycle, specifically a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle and you are served an advertisement not only for a motorcycle but specifically a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy which includes monthly repayment amounts and is located at your local dealership. This sort of personalisation increases the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and the connection the audience experiences.

Rather than creating a single advert that is served to the audience as a whole, dynamic creative advertiser enables advertisers to create multiple creative variations for different audience segments, using various elements such as images, videos, headlines, prices, interest rates, or other various calls-to-action. These elements can be combined in many different ways to create an almost unlimited unique combination of adverts then delivered to the audience based on their individual interests and characteristics.

The technology behind dynamic creative uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to determine which combination of factors will be put together to create the most compelling advert for each user, based on factors such as their location, browsing behavior, purchase history, age, income and other user data. This approach can result in higher engagement and conversion rates, as users are more likely to respond to adverts that are personally tailored to their interests.

Overall, dynamic creative is a powerful tool for advertisers looking to maximize the impact of the advertising message and can assist in improved targeting, audience engagement, and overall return on ad spend.

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