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Spencer Denby Cauchois
December 6, 2022

Let's start by defining what a CTR (click-through rate) is. CTR is a percentage of the audience that clicks on your advert, it is calculated from the number of clicks your ad receives divided by the number of impressions served. (clicks/impressions = CTR). It is a measurement of the success of a campaign but by no means the only measurement. Campaigns should be measured in the totality of their effectiveness to shift an audience's perception, not just the amount of clicks. Often this can be best measured by using many metrics together including increased traffic to a site, increased sales, CTR, brand awareness, and the list goes on.

Different media campaigns have different benefits and using only one measurement can often give you a false reading of the effectiveness of a campaign & it is often impossible to compare one type of marketing to another. A useful tip to help visualize the way different marketing campaigns affect different audiences is to think about advertising as a series of audiences overlaid on top of each other. The smallest circle is your SEM or search engine marketing, This targets an audience of people who are actively searching for the products or services you sell. Again, excellent for generating sales but not as effective for a long term brand awareness strategy as these people are already searching for your product or service.

In this respect, it is often at the bottom of the marketing funnel tool. SEM is excellent for generating sales but not as effective at tapping into new markets. The second, and slightly larger circle is search social media marketing. It targets people who have already liked your brand or product and you are attempting to convert them to sales. If you have a new or innovative product or service, one that people may not be aware of and therefore won't know to search for, social media can be less effective. Lastly there is display and video media, these campaigns are in the biggest circle again as they are hitting the biggest possible audience. Excellent for brand awareness and top of the funnel marketing.

Consider this;

SEM: on average people perform 10 searches a day and spend less than 10 seconds on each search result page. This is less than 2 minutes a day

Social media: On average, people spend roughly 3 hours a day on social media

Display: On average, people spend roughly 4 hours surfing the web

So let's dive in and give you some benchmarks to help you in measuring your campaigns.

  • The average CTR for social media (Facebook) ranges from at 0.47% for recruitment to 1.61% for legal
  • The average CTR for SEM (Google) ranges from at 1.35% for legal to 3.4% for date services
  • The average CTR for display & video media (Google Ads) ranges from at 0.04% for recruitment to 0.84% for technology

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