Ad Formats

Using the tab menu below, explore the different ad formats in our inventory. Blazelift offers a range of highly engaging formats that ensure your business or product is tastefully displayed on any website.

A website displaying an article scrolled down the page.


Have an article written with a professional touch for your brand by one of our talented journalists. This article will be sponsored by you and it comes complete with a promotional package to have your message heard.

A video embedded in an article on a website


Increase awareness and recognition of your brand by reaching buyers actively browsing networks of publishers with your video ads. Either in Australia or across the globe, you can target in-market buyers in your chosen category.



Our sticky ad is a high viewability fixed ad unit that stays visible while the user scrolls content on the page up or down. This product has high viewability and drives excellent conversions.

A phone screen is being scrolled through to demonstrate the interscroller ad


The Interscroller is a high viewability ad unit where content comes into view when the user scrolls the article or feed. When 85% of the placement is viewable, the content will "snap" to take over the pre-defined percentage or entire viewport.



Our native ad units allow you to engage with an in-market audience while they actively browse our sites. This is a bottom-of-the-funnel product that has been specifically designed to generate conversions.

display set

Display Set

These are our standard IAB-sized ad placements that have the potential to offer an excellent ROI. When coupled with a highly targeted contextual environment, an in-market audience segment, and geo-targeting, this creates the ideal position for your brand to deliver its message.

A phone with an ad displayed above an article on the Boss Hunting website.


Our gallery ad units give buyers the opportunity to browse a range of product offerings within a single unit. Maximise your chance to engage with your customer by displaying offering(s) they cannot resist!

A phone displaying an ad below content on the website.

View Feed

Simple and unintrusive, our view feed unit feels familiar and intuitive. Make your creative the star of the show while having ample space to display your copy, logo, and call-to-action.

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