New AI Powered Campaigns

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A brand new AI powered targeting system across the Publift network. This AI powered system will bring significantly improved ROI for you by providing distinct focus for each campaign's goals.

Utilizing the newest advancement in behavioral advertising combined with our extensive network with contextual relevance.

Advanced audience analytics to target the right audience at the right time.

Real time predictive modeling built on 1,000,000,000,000 online signals from the bitstream

Autonomous campaign execution to optimize campaign performance

Utilizing Cookies or a future proofed Cookieless option for optimized campaign performance

Blazelift offers 3 types of campaigns with specific targeting for highly effective results:

Demographic targeting
on top of our
contextual targeting
Granular insights in reporting
Measurable uplift from campaign performancee
Performance targeting
with AI powered
real time optimisation
Granular insights in reporting
Powerful demographic targeting & lookalike audiences
Smart retargeting campaigns
Utilizing the latest technology in cookieless technology, lookalikes or cookies
Granular insights in reporting

Accuracy & Measurement:

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